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Hunters of the Spirit Collection, The Hunter by Russ Docken.  

Hunters of the Spirit Collection, The Hunter by Russ Docken.

SKU: p0894

Hunters of the Spirit Collection, The Hunter by Russ Docken. Fifth issue in the series. Bradford Exchange, 1995. Plate size approx. 8 inches. Suggested Retail $60.00.

In the age that came soon after the Ancestors walked the Bridge Across the Sea, Doe Steps became fertile with child. The clan rejoiced, for children are a blessing. One night, Doe Steps had a dream. All the wild animals of the wood and mountain bowed to her, showing great reverence. The Wolf Spirit spoke, saying that her son will become One with the powerful predators ?? the wolf, the hawk and the lion ?? and become a mighty hunter. His arrows will bring death and life, for as all predators, he will make the herds strong and feed his People. And the animals bowed again in deepest respect for the Hunter.

Talking Wolf was born the next clay, and true to the dream, he fulfilled the destiny the Spirits had woven for him. He was true of aim, merciful to the young, never wasteful, and humbly thankful for the sacrifice the animals gave of their lives so that his People may be nourished and warmed.

The incomparable artistry of Russ Docken unfolds this masterful portrait of a legend ?? a warrior of rare destiny, strength and passion, with the wisdom to use his gifts to the glory of the Great Spirit.

The creation of the fine collector's plate you have just acquired and whose authenticity is certified by this document is the result of work by an international cadre of skilled artisans. After the plate art was created in the United States, a fine ceramic transfer, incorporating pigments carefully chosen to faithfully re-create the vibrant beauty of the artist's original, was created in France and Germany and permanently fired into the fine Japanese porcelain plate body at more than 1,460? Fahrenheit by talented craftsmen and craftswomen in the United States.

PRICE:  $30.00


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