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Wonder of Childhood Collection - Grandma's Garden by Donald Zolan  

Wonder of Childhood Collection - Grandma's Garden by Donald Zolan

SKU: p0551

Wonder of Childhood Collection - -Grandma's Garden- by Donald Zolan, America's beloved painter of children. The Fifth issue in the Wonder of Childhood plate collection. -- Production date 1986. Plate size approx 8.25 inches. Suggested retail $85.00.

I wanted to paint a picture showing the gift children have for following their hearts. I decided to show a little boy enjoying the beauty of a flower. Kids learn about life the way puppies do. They go around sniffing things and touching and tasting them. Kids are much closer to everything than grown-ups are.

The boy I painted is named Kyle. He's husky and full of energy. He probably has enough energy to power the city of Pittsburgh. He's all boy and he loves flowers. I think of flowers as God's decorations for the earth. Kids are drawn to them like bees.

Kyle and his family are visiting Grandma. Kyle is scrubbed clean and in new clothes. Even his tennis shoes are new. Visiting Grandma is a special treat. He's just arrived at Grandma's. It's easy to see he hasn't been running around her garden because his shoe laces are still tied and his hair is neatly combed.

It was hard for Kyle to sit still during the drive to Grandma's. Now he doesn't have to
keep still. He can try to kick a soccer ball across the lawn or chase Grandma's kitty. He can do all those things. Instead, he's standing still in front of a red flower that is almost begging to be smelled. He spied the flower from the back porch when he came out to play. He's being careful not to hurt the flower. Of course kids like Kyle have more energy than a spinning top. In the next minute he may pick the flower and then give it to his Grandma.

I gave his grandmother's garden almost a wild look. The plants are thick, and there arc flowers everywhere. The grass is a little long.

This garden is perfect for Kyle because he's a child who loves adventure. Grandma's garden is ripe for adventure. Kyle can take a whiff of the flower, follow a line of ants in the grass, then try to find the birds he hears singing in the air. Kids like Kyle have no trouble letting themselves like what they like and feel everything they feel. That's one thing I love about kids. They're genuine.

PRICE:  $35.00


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